Optimizing a Shared Video Clip in Full Screen


Zoom optimizes screen sharing of a full screen video clip to ensure the attendees have the best quality experience. Learn more about screen sharing.

Note: Only follow these steps if you are screen sharing a video clip. If you are not sharing a video, make sure you turn off the option to optimize for full-screen video clip.


  • At least 1.5Mbps uplink and downlink for Full Screen HD
  • Play video clip at full screen

Starting a New Screen Share and Optimizing for Full-screen Video

  1. Click the Share Screen button located in your meeting controls. Learn more about screen sharing.
  2. Select the screen you want to share and select Optimize for full-screen video clip.
  3. Click Share Screen.
  4. Start playing your video in full-screen while sharing your screen.

Optimizing for Full-screen Video While Screen Sharing

  1. Click More in the screen share controls.
  2. Click Optimize Share for Full-screen Video Clip to enable it.
  3. Start playing your video while sharing your screen.

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