Make Google Meet more Functional

The following extensions only work with Google Chrome

Nod - Reactions for Google Meet - This Chrome extension adds in facebook-like reactions to Google Meet.

Google Meet Grid View - Grid view makes it possible to see everyone in the session on-screen at one time.

Virtual Backgrounds for Google Meet - Virtual backgrounds for Google Meet

Google Meet Push to Talk - When this extension is installed, you can use your space bar to mute and unmute your mic. This is a great extension for young students who struggle to push the mute/unmute button.

Duelless - Use Dualless to split your screen into two windows so that you can screen share AND monitor your class at the same time.

Tactiq Pins for Google Meet - Save Transcription From Google Meet. This extension can automatically create a transcript of your meetings. It does this by recording all the live captions that Google Meet creates, which means you’ll have to first enable that feature in your meeting before Tactiq can do anything.

Meet Attendance - Collect attendance in a Google Sheet from a Google Meet.

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