VCFA Information Technology Department's Statement on Sustainability

VCFA’s Information Technology Department believes that we have an obligation to environmental sustainability. To that end we have, and will continue to, aligning our daily operations and practices so our environment, our community, our students, our faculty and the staff of VCFA have a clean environment today and a healthier planet tomorrow.

Some of our sustainability efforts include..

-> Ecycling our old or damaged computers, servers, monitors and other electronics with Casella and Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District

-> Sending spent toner to Konica Minolta's Clean Planet Program

-> Offsetting our printing with Printreleaf, an organization plants trees to offset our campus wide printing

-> Sending our spent batteries* to ARCC

*(Although the majority of the batteries we use at VCFA are rechargeable, there are some pieces of equipment that require batteries that can not be recharged)

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