SheerID helps companies protect their special offers by instantly verifying students' eligibility for exclusive discounts and promotions.

To verify your request, SheerID may need to see some form of official school documentation that shows all of the following: your full name, the name of the school you are attending, and proof of your current enrollment.

Some examples of documentation that could display this information are:

  • class schedule for the current term
  • registration receipt or tuition receipt
  • transcript
  • Student ID (only if it has an issue date within the last three months)

(They will not accept acceptance/admission letters, yearly dated documents or .edu emails as a way to determine eligibility as they don't prove current enrollment.)

They will accept screen-shots as well as photographs of documents for the review process.

Please note that you are able to upload more than one document at a time. This allows SheerID to cross reference the information from multiple documents in order to assist with your verification. This is especially handy because SheerID knows that sometimes it is difficult to find documents that have all of the required information on them.

When submitting documents to SheerID we encourage you to redact any sensitive or personal information that is not required for the verification process before you submit any documents.

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