VCFA Desk Phones

  • Calling Internationally

    Dial [*] + [Your Department Number] + [0] When you hear the three beeps dial [9] + [011] + [The code for the country you are calling] + [The area or city code] + [The phone number]
  • Canceling Forwarding

    To turn forwarding off dial 600
  • Changing your Passcode

    You can change the passcode if needed. Press the [Transfer] button and Press [1][0][1] or Press < # > < 7 > < 1 > Enter your current passcode. Enter the new passcode. The passcode must be a 4-digit number (0-9). Re enter the new passcode for confirmation. If the passcode ...
  • Conference Calls

    Up to 5 members, including you, can participate in a conference simultaneously. Press the [Conference] button while on a call. You will hear conference tone. Dial the number of the internal or external party you wish to add to the conference, wait for them to answer and press the [Conference]...
  • Entering your Directory Name

    Use this option to enter your Directory Name.Your Directory Name is used by callers to find you if they do not know your extension number. From the Subscriber Services Menu press [#][7][3].
  • Forwarding All Calls

    To forward all calls sent to your phone: Dial [6][0][1]. Enter the extension number, group number, or external number where your calls are to be sent Hang up after the attention tone.
  • Forward No Answer

    To forward calls arriving when you are away from your desk (calls will ring and then be forwarded after a set time): Dial [6][0][3]. Dial the extension number, group number, or external number where your calls are to be sent. Hang up after the confirmation tone.
  • Hold an Intercom Call

    Press the [Hold] button during a call. Replace the handset to put the current call on hold To resume the call, lift the handset and then press the [Hold] button.
  • Listening to Your Voice Mails

    To Access your Voice Mail (VM): To access your voice mail box from your own phone, press the voice mail key or dial 549. Options while Listening to a Message: Forward a VM message: Press < 6 > Rewind message 5 seconds: Press < 7 > Pause/resume message playback: Press < ...
  • Record Your Name

    Record Name (for directory): Press < # > < 7 > < 2 >
  • Setting Up Your Voice Mail

    Explanation of the Personal Greeting Options Primary/No Answer Greeting Used when in your office, away from your desk or during the time period you are scheduled available. If this is the only Personal Greeting you record, it will play for all call coverage conditions. Example:“Hi this is John...
  • Transfer Calls

    TRANSFERRING CALLS Transfer is used to send any call to another extension in one of two ways. You can do a screened transfer by informing the other extension who is calling or you can do a blind transfer without notification. • While on a call, press the TRANSFER button and dial an extension nu...