Adobe Connect - Sharing Your Screen

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Share your screen (Host or Presenter)

On the Share Pod click on arrow to the right of Share My Screen

Step 1

You will see a drop down of options:

Step 2

To share you desktop click on Share My Screen option. A new window will open up, click on Share button on the bottom right hand side.

Step 3

The Adobe Connect app will minimize to the bottom right hand side of your screen to allow you to see your desktop.

When you are done sharing your desktop click on the button with the Screen Icon on the minimized Adobe Connect app.

Step 3

The Adobe Connect app will expand. Click on Stop Sharing. This will stop sharing your screen and the Adobe Connect app will become full size again.

Step 3

Share a Document or White Board (Host or Presenter)

To share a document with the attendees click on the option Share Document.

Step 3

A new window will open up. To load a file from your computer click on Browse My Computer, pick your file and then click OK. Your file will be loaded up to the Share Pod where everyone can see it.

Step 7

To stop sharing a document click on the Stop Sharing button on the top right hand side of the Share Pod.

Step 8

To use the white board click on Share Whiteboard. A white board will appear in the Share Pod area. On the left hand side you will see tools that will allow you to draw, add text and highlight.

When you are done with the white board click on the Stop Sharing button on the top right hand side of the Share Pod.

Step 9

Share your screen (Participant)

Ask a host to select your name in the Attendees pod and click Request Screen Share.

The Host or Presenter will be alerted that you want to share you screen.

An alert will appear on your screen that says “Begin Sharing Desktop?” Click Start.

Click the Share button at the bottom of the Start Screen Sharing window to begin sharing.

Share control of your screen

While screen sharing, you can transfer control of the shared desktop, window, or application to another host or presenter.

Start sharing your screen.

A host or presenter clicks Request Control on the Share pod title bar.

You see a request message in the upper-right corner of the meeting room window. Do one of the following:

  • Click Accept to grant control of your screen.

  • Click Decline to deny control of your screen.

Request control of a shared screen.

Hosts and presenters can request control of the screen. They can take control once they receive the necessary permissions.

  • Click the Request Control button on the Share pod title bar.

  • If the request is accepted, a message informs you that you have been granted control of the screen. The Request Control button becomes a Release Control button. You can now take control of the shared screen.

Release control of a shared screen

  • Click Release Control on the Share pod control strip to return control of the shared screen to the original Host or Presenter.

Change the view of a shared screen

If another presenter is sharing a screen with you, you can scale the screen to fit entirely within the Share pod. In addition, you can zoom in for a clearer image.

  • In the upper-right corner of the Share pod, choose Change View, and then select either Scale To Fit or Zoom In.

Preview your shared screen

When sharing an application, window, or desktop on your computer, you can see a preview that shows what participants see in their Share pod.

  • In the upper-right corner of the Share pod, click the menu icon , and select Preview Screen.